The International PhD Programme

The Programme was established specifically for doctoral international candidates. Designed to enable students to achieve the prestigious award of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) it has the same rigorous requirements as a similar Programme for Romanian and/or UK candidates. A particular strength of the Programme is the cohort base system that is missing from the traditional Ph D experience.

Candidates are recruited by ADAL in Israel through rigorous selection. All candidates must have a B.A. and a Master’s degree from a reputable university.

Language of studies – ENGLISH.

During their studies the students are based in Israel or elsewhere.

Most of the supervision activity takes place by part time/distance learning facilities (Internet, Email, Video Conference etc).

The programme includes 3 short workshops (5-7 days each). The workshops take place at the University Campus, normally in each academic year.

The University may accept wide areas of research proposals when supervisors in these areas are available. For example:management, business administration, education, health, psychology, social work, computer science, arts, communication studies, English, history, sociology, physical education etc.

Director of the doctoral programme is a senior Professor at the University.

Language Requirements

1.  “Bagrut” (matriculation) Score in English from Israel and elsewhere.

2.   Graduates (BA and/or MA) of Israeli Universities/Colleges.


2.  Graduates of UK/US or English-speaking countries (Bachelor or Masters).


3.  Citizens or former citizens of English-speaking countries (UK, US, etc).


4.  EU Citizens.

The Academic Team

The core team consists of the best trained academic staff from UK and Romania who posses extensive experience in teaching, supervision and examination at doctoral level. The Israeli tutor/s works together with UK and Romanian core team during the workshops abroad.